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2015 Sorry Sauce batches
2015 Sorry Sauce batches
2018 Sorry Sauce Mapalm BBQ

2015 Booo-urns!

I turned 13 ghost peppers into 16.5 bottles of Booo-urns! I made it a screamin ' hot Szechuan with a base of onion, carrots, celery and red peppers. The Chinese 5 spice and black pepper add some fun for your taste buds providing they're still there after the ghosts blaze through.

2015 Sorry Sauce Go Mango

2015 Go Mango

Mangoes and Reapers!

2015 Sorry Sauce Liquid Fire

2015 Liquid Fire

Extra virgin olive oil infused with roasted Carolina Reaper peppers.


2015 Tamarinjury

Butch T Scorpion peppers with white grapes, tamarind and ginseng.

2016 Sorry Sauce Sir Cha Cha

2015 Sir Cha Cha

Garlic, ginger, malt vinegar and all the peppers left in the garden for a sriracha style sauce.

2015 Sorry Sauce Good Grief

2015 Good Grief

Peanuts, habanero peppers, lemongrass and coconut millk. This was a mild and creamy hot sauce, but it had a very short shelf life.

2015 Sorry Sauce Friday 13th

2015 Friday 13th

I made this sauce on a Friday the 13th as a small batch. It was a garlic and malt vinegar base, but I bought a bag of dried cayenne peppers to blend up as a thickener. At the time, I thought it was pretty hot.


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