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2017 Sorry Sauce batches
2017 Sorry Sauce batches
2017 Sorry Sauce Mapalm BBQ

2017 Mapalm BBQ

The first thing you'll notice is that sweetness of the maple syrup, and the chocolate bubblegum peppers are creepers so you might go back for seconds before the heat builds up to get you. By then, it could be too late.

2017 Sorry Sauce Go Mango

2017 Go Mango

I've brought back Go Mango! this year, but I updated the original recipe with elements from last year's Tropikiller. The Bahamian Goat peppers and aji mango peppers bring a nice fruitiness and the yellow ghost peppers ensure it packs a punch.

2017 Sorry Sauce Habeus Scorpus

2017 Habeus Scorpus

Habeus Scorpus. What else do you call a habanero and scorpion pepper sauce? There's some lime also if you can taste anything at all through the wall of instant and persistent heat. This one's a corker.

2017 Sorry Sauce Go-F-Od

2017 Go-F-Od

I made this garlic and malt vinegar sauce as Sir Cha Cha, and again as Bad Ideas. People kept telling me it was "f'n good", so I called it Go-F-Od. F in good, right? It's a thin hot sauce, so it makes a good marinade.

2017 Sorry Sauce Buzz BBQ

2017 Buzz BBQ

Black coffee and molasses give a sweet earthiness, and chocolate bubblegum peppers bring a strong creeper heat. This is an update of last year's The Void sauce.

2017 Sorry Sauce Who's the Bosc?

2017 Who's the Bosc?

Who's the Bosc? is an update on Put the Lime in the Coconut with more emphasis on the pears to thicken the sauce up a bit. The lime, coconut water and bosc pears bring a refreshing lightness but the white and yellow ghost peppers ensure you should take this sauce seriously.

2017 Sorry Sauce Sunova Peach

2017 Sunova Peach

The Carolina Reaper peppers bring the heat of a sun gone nova, and the peaches and limes bring a tart, fruitiness. Together, they make Sunova Peach. Imagine a sour peach candy crossed with the fires of hell and you get the general idea

2017 Sorry Sauce Ernest's Primo Hot

2017 Ernest's Primo Hot

Borg 9 Reaper peppers and Borg 9 Bleeder peppers were both named in tribute to Ernest Borgnine, so I combined both with red and yellow 7 pot primo peppers to make Ernest's Primo Hot. Similar to Frank's, but also similar to a razor blade across your tongue. All fire without a hint of sweetness for relief.

2017 Sorry Sauce Tamarinjury

2017 Tamarinjury

Another recurring flavour is Tamarinjury. The tartness of tamarind and lime combine with the sweetness of red and green grapes and the fire of ghost peppers, 7 pot douglah peppers and 7 pot Brain Strain peppers into this roti sauce gone wild!

2017 Sorry Sauce Applecalypse

2017 Applecalypse

The Applecalypse was a late season addition to the 2017 list, so it missed the group photo.
Don't miss the sauce, though. It's a base of granny smith apples and coconut water jazzed up with both red and chocolate Reapers, red ghost peppers and my own special green ghost pepper. It's punchy enough for my palate, and the apple goes nicely with a Tofurky kielbasa.


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