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2019 Sorry Sauce batches
2019 Sorry Sauce batches

The peppers are still growing, so we can't be sure about everything we're making until harvest time. That said, we're going to make our staple varieties:

Mapalm BBQ
100 + 10%
Angry Gander
Go Mango

If everything works out, here are new batches we have in mind:

Fresh Cents - a mild sauce with jalapeno peppers, lime and Canadian mint
Cherrynobyl - I pitted and froze a few litres of Niagara black cherries when they came ripe, and I plan to pair them with bubblegum peppers
Lemontations - Fatalii and aji limon peppers both have a medium heat and lemon snap, so they'll be a great base for a lemon pepper sauce
Peach Hobbler - like the cherries above, I grabbed a basket of peaches when they came ripe then pitted and froze them to save until the reapers are ready


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