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2019 Sorry Sauce batches
2019 Sorry Sauce batches
2019 Sorry Sauce Mapalm BBQ

2019 Mapalm BBQ

Mapalm BBQ was introduced in our second year and has become our signature barbecue sauce with a base of tomatoes, chocolate habanero peppers and maple syrup. In 2017, we grew some chocolate bubble gum peppers, so we updated the recipe to add in their blazing heat with undertones of sweet black cherry. In 2018, we combined our Buzz BBQ with Mapalm BBQ for our final recipe. We use own beefsteak, Amish Paste and Roma tomatoes blended with dark maple syrup from the neighbour’s farm, black coffee and molasses into a perfect balance of sweet and smoky barbecue. Chocolate ghost peppers start the fire with a hint of sweet fruitiness, and the creeper heat from the red and chocolate bubble gum peppers bring it to the next level about 3 seconds in. Then, we thicken the sauce with a mixed habanero mash so it really sticks and keeps the burn going. Mapalm BBQ is an intense heat, but it’s so good, you know you’re going back for more.

2019 Sorry Sauce Go Mango

2019 Go Mango

Go Mango! is the first recipe we tried. Originally, it was a Reaper-based sauce, but for the 2016 batch we updated the recipe to use peach ghost and Bahamian goat peppers for better flavour pairing. We added oranges, and crafted it as Tropikiller. In 2017, we acquired some aji mango seeds so we updated again to our final recipe. We use aji mango peppers as the base for medium heat and a vanilla mango flavour, add goat peppers to up the ante on heat with elements of peach and mandarin orange and finish with yellow ghost peppers for their extra hot sweet heat. Blend that with mangoes, oranges, ginger and apple cider vinegar and you get a versatile sauce that compliments any stir fry, works in wraps or as a burger topper and is an awesome marinade.

2019 Sorry Sauce Give'r

2019 Give'r

Give'r is a combination of recipes into a new blend for 2019. We start with a base of fresh picked, local peaches blended with limes and apple cider vinegar, then we add the medium heat of fatalii and aji limon peppers for a sauce that’s tart, yet fruity and refreshing. Providing you’re refreshed by a flash fire across your tongue. Try it as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, or slice your favourite protein against the grain, and massage in before grilling.

2019 Sorry Sauce Cobra Chicken

2019 Cobra Chicken

Cobra Chicken is an update on last year's Angry Gander. We use a base of local carrots, fresh ginger and garlic from the neighbour’s farm blended with apple cider and malt vinegars, sea salt and cane sugar to build a sweet and salty palette for the Red and White Bhut Jolokias. For 2019, we’ve updated the recipe to include our own red and yellow onions, our beefsteak and cherry tomatoes, and our aged and fermented Habanero peppers to add new complexity and extra heat. The result is a classic burrito sauce that is much like the Canada Goose in that it seems nice on the surface, but it’s actually a Cobra Chicken ready to strike.

2019 Sorry Sauce Cherrynobyl, winner of Best Extreme Sauce at Heat Wave Expo February 29, 2020

2019 Cherrynobyl

Winner of the Eternal Flame award for best hot sauce, Extreme category at Heat Wave Expo on February 29, 2020!

Cherrynobyl is a new recipe we’re introducing for 2019. We use a base of Niagara black cherries and Yellow Carolina Reaper peppers then blend with apple cider vinegar for a sauce that tastes like an accidental core meltdown. And cherries. There are elements of lemon, black pepper, black cocoa and vanilla also, but there’s also a whole lotta fire! This sauce is sweet and fruity enough to work as a dessert topper, but it still brings a powerful heat. Try a drop or two in a chili or on the barbecue!

2019 Sorry Sauce Fresh Cents, winner of 2020 Canadian Hot Sauce award for Best Jalapeno Sauce

2019 Fresh Cents

Winner of the 2020 Canadian Hot Sauce Award for best Jalapeno Sauce!

Fresh Cents is a new recipe for 2019. Although we’ve had great fun blasting people’s heads off with our very hot sauces, we thought we’d back it off a little bit and try a mild sauce. We combine ripe Jalapeño peppers with limes, coconut water and our own fresh mint into a milder sauce that adds just a touch of heat while remaining light and refreshing. It’s made with Canadian mint, so we called it Fresh Cents. And I slipped a handful of Red Bhut Jolokia peppers in just ‘cause it’s Sorry Sauce. Use it to bring a stuffed pepper to the next level, or add it to a tabbouleh salad for a special treat!


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