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2016 Sorry Sauce batches
2016 Sorry Sauce batches
2016 Sorry Sauce Peaches & Scream

2016 Peaches & Scream

Peaches & Scream sauce. Freshly squeezed peaches combine with elements of garlic to provide a slight bit of nuance to the blunt hammer of Carolina Reaper peppers that blows through your mouth like a hurricane of fire. This one's the hottest of the year. I truly am sorry. Use it anywhere you can't find a hydrogen bomb.

2016 Sorry Sauce Bad Ideas

2016 Bad Ideas

Bad Ideas sauce. Similar to last year's Sir Cha Cha, this is a garlic and malt vinegar sauce with a sweet and salty balance that makes it good for all occasions. Use it wherever you'd use that weak sauce you have in your fridge already, and hang on as the brain strain and devil's brain peppers show your tongue what you've been missing.

2016 Sorry Sauce Double Pucker

2016 Double Pucker

Double Pucker sauce. This was a black pepper and lemongrass sauce fired up with yellow ghost, fatalii and Carolina Reaper peppers. It was my first batch of the year so it was small and sold out quickly. Sorry if you missed it

2016 Sorry Sauce The Void

2016 The Void

The Void sauce. This was my second barbecue sauce, so I went with a black coffee and molasses base. It's bold and earthy, and I used a series of brown peppers for colour. Chocolate ghost, chocolate habanero, chocolate devil's tongue and black naga peppers bring the dark fire and infinity peppers spin us into the void

2016 Sorry Sauce Mapalm BBQ

2016 Mapalm BBQ

Mapalm BBQ sauce. This was my first barbecue sauce, so I made a straight forward maple barbecue but kicked it up with devil's tongue and both orange and chocolate habanero peppers. This was great on burgers and just about everything else, so it sold out right away.

2016 Sorry Sauce Tropikiller

2016 Tropikiller

Similar to last year's Go Mango, this sauce brings a mango sweetness augmented with freshly squeezed oranges. Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion peppers add the basic fire and the simply awesome Bahamian goat peppers add a peach element. This versatile sauce is good anywhere.

2016 Sorry Sauce Jack Horner's Revenge

2016 Jack Horner's Revenge

Jack Horner's Revenge sauce. Here's a light plum and ginger sauce that's perfect for spring rolls. White ghost peppers add a decent kick, but this is the mildest sauce of the year.

2016 Sorry Sauce Put the Lime in the Coconut

2016 Put the Lime in the Coconut

The combination of bosc pears, coconut water and freshly squeezed limes give a surprisingly fresh taste with a slight snap of ginger and a blast of 7 pot douglah peppers.

2016 Sorry Sauce Cranberry Lemontations

2016 Cranberry Lemontations

This one's a basic lemon pepper sauce jazzed up with fresh cranberries and Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion peppers for fire. Great anywhere you'd use lemon or cranberry sauce

2016 Sorry Sauce Grape Expectations

2016 Grape Expectations

Similar to last year's Tamarinjury, grapes bring the sweetness, with lime and tamarind to add the bite. 7 pot Jonah and monster naga peppers bring the fire. Great on roti, or as an upgrade on HP Sauce

2016 Sorry Sauce Nutty Professor

2016 Nutty Professor

This one is kinda sweet with a bold peanut and garlic base. Brain strain, devil's brain and infinity peppers bring the heat. Pro tip: throw away that little packet and pour this on your ramen.


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