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Sorry Sauce Family

My craft batch hot sauce is made with ingredients that have limited availability, so not all of our recipes will be available year round. Please check our webstore to see what we have in stock, and please follow us on social media so you don't miss our new recipes! 

Eh, Mild Sauces

Beauty Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce



Third Place winner in the Mild category at Heatwave Expo 2022, Beauty is roasted garlic from Elam's farm down the road paired with extra dark maple syrup and caramelized jalapeno peppers. Beauty is sweet, smoky and very garlic forward with just a hint of heat for our mildest Sorry Sauce.

Fresh Cents Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Fresh Cents


Winner of the 2020 Canadian Hot Sauce Award for Best Jalapeno Sauce, Fresh Cents is crafted around a base of lime, coconut water and Canadian mint with red jalapeno, red bell and red Marconi peppers. It's a classic jalapeno and lime verde, but done as a red green sauce with a crisp freshness that sets it apart.

Soy Un Perdedor Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Soy Un Perdedor


Naturally brewed soy sauce infused with fresh pineapple, mandarin orange, ginger, Asian pears, bamboo shoots and a vegan dashi of kombu and parsnips served up with the mild but present heat of Puerto Rican Yellow habanero peppers.
This Sorry Sauce was based on an original idea from Farmer J of Alpha & Omega, and was crafted as part of a charity cookoff with the Canadian Chapter of the Sons of Fire. Also participating were our friends at Haico's Hot Sauce and Purple Tongue Hot Sauce. 
If the Dad joke isn't immediately obvious, please try singing the name followed by, "I'm a loser, baby so why don't you kill me?"

Eh Eh, Medium Sauces

Go Mango Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Go Mango


My OG sauce is crafted around a base of oranges, mangoes and ginger, and my blend of Bahamian Goat peppers with ghost peppers and aji mango peppers brings a medium heat level to a classic hot sauce that pairs with anything. 

Pitter Patter Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Pitter Patter


This unique Sorry Sauce is crafted around Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries, the wonderful garden candy that's like a cherry tomato with elements of strawberry, pineapple and cantaloupe. This pairs with chamomile and the citrus forward bite of Ho Chi Minh cayenne peppers for a combination that's bright tasting with a balance of tart and sweet. Yellow scorpion peppers round out the burn for a medium heat level.

Curry Curry Hard Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Curry Curry Hard


Winner of the 2021 Canadian Hot Sauce Award for Best New Sauce and Silver Medal winner in the 2023 Heating Up The Prairies, Curry category, Curry Curry Hard is an adapted dal tadka recipe using curried lentils with our own Amish paste tomatoes and a tadka of toasted spices blended with rice vinegar and fermented habanero peppers. The flavour is just classic curry, and the lentils add a really unique mouthfeel to this medium heat sauce. If you want a real trip to flavour town, mix Curry Curry Hard with some mayo for a dip that works as well with carrot sticks as it does with thick cut fries.
The lentils get really thick when they're cold, but heating the bottle or adding a splash of water gets them out of the bottle and onto your plate where they belong.

Miso Nutty Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Miso Nutty


This Japanese inspired Sorry Sauce uses a base of white miso paste and our neighbour's garlic with mirin, ginger, peanuts and fermented habanero peppers for a medium sauce that works as well as a roll dip as it does on a stir fry. Once you've tried this on ramen, you'll never use that salty flavour packet again! We know one guy who even puts it on falafel! (thanks Mike!)

Give'r Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce



Give'r Sorry Sauce is back for another round! The last batch was available exclusively as a condiment at Hometown Hot Dogs, but this batch is for everyone! Give'r uses a blend of fresh Ontario peaches with limes and the citrus forward snap of fatalii and aji limon peppers for a medium heat sauce that's light and versatile. 

Eh Eh Eh, Hot Sauces

Cobra Chicken Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Cobra Chicken


First place winner in the 2023 Heating Up The Prairies Sriracha category, Cobra Chicken is a recipe I've been refining since the very beginning, and it's become the most complex Sorry Sauce both in ingredients and in depth of flavour. I build a base of our neighbour's garlic with carrots, red onions, malt vinegar and our own tomatoes, then bring the heat through a balance of fresh ghost and fermented habanero peppers. Cobra Chicken is full flavour explosion of sweet, savoury, umami and fire you'll use on everything. It's not a rooster sauce, it's a Cobra Chicken sauce!

Donnybrook Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce



Donnybrook is a simple yet effective Sorry Sauce crafted around fresh peaches, roasted pineapple and scorpion peppers for a sauce that's crisp and fruity, but also delivers the kind of high stick to the back of the throat that'll clear the benches.
Perfect for pizza or sweet and sour, and awesome on a stir fry.

Eh Eh Eh Eh, Extreme Sauce

Cherrynobyl Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce



Winner of the 2020 Eternal Flame Award for Best Extreme Sauce and winner of the 2022 Devastator Award From Apex, Cherrynobyl has become one of the most notorious sauces in Canada. Prepare for a careful balance between delicious and utterly terrifying.
The base of Niagara black cherries, black cocoa, vanilla bean with elements of lemon, black pepper, coconut water and brown sugar is as delicious as it sounds. But then I add a blend of the hottest peppers in the world for a fire that tastes like an accidental core meltdown. And cherries!
The fifth anniversary batch has a special blend of 5 superhot peppers. I used a variety of different Carolina Reapers with Reaper Beast Peach, Chocolate Bhutlah, Dragon's Breath and Golden Primotalii peppers. This batch has an immediate blast of heat rather than the slow creep you're used to.
Is this the hottest, all natural sauce in Canada?
Cherrynobyl goes fast, and there's an annual waiting list for it. Don't miss your chance to burn!

Special Edition Sorry Stuff

Blame Canada Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce collab with Muddy Crops

Blame Canada Pesto


The summer of 2023 started with a series of forest fires across Canada and the ensuing smoke covered much of the continent.
So, when my friends at Cedarvale Farm gave me a bushel of garlic scapes, I knew just what to do. Garlic scapes, Bahamian Goat peppers and smoked morita peppers come together with fresh basil, pine nuts and white wine vinegar into a pesto sauce as tasty as the dad joke behind it. Blame Canada hot pesto! You'll be impressed-o!
And with a nod to our pepper head friends, I added a few kilos of superhot peppers to the second half of the batch to create Blame Canada, Special Advisory edition with the same great flavour but with more of an uncontrolled burn.
Blame Canada mild / eh   Blame Canada Special Advisory hot / eh eh eh 

Habanero Infused Maple Syrup Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Habanero Infused Maple Syrup


Extra dark maple syrup from a local farm with the reddest habanero peppers we had from the Garden of Apologies. That's it. A recipe is just a combination of ingredients, and this syrup is so good it doesn't need anything else.

Cayenne Powder from Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Cayenne Powder


The Garden of Apologies produced some of the biggest cayenne peppers I've ever seen, so I dried some out and ground them up into powder. Everyone has tried cayenne powder, but it's a completely different experience with fresh peppers. Sweet, fresh cayenne fire in a 30g shaker bottle. 

Hickory Smoked Habanero Powder from Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Smoked Habanero Powder


The 2021 Garden of Apologies produced an incredible number of red habanero peppers, so I smoked some over hickory chips and ground them up into power. Smoky habanero goodness in a 30g shaker bottle. This is one of my staples in my own kitchen.

Smoked Chocolate Moruga Scorpion Power from Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Smoked Chocolate Moruga Powder


Chocolate moruga scorpion peppers have an earthy and fruity flavour before you're pummelled by the brutal waves of heat, so I thought it would be nice to smoke some over apple wood chips. It's probably delicious, but to me, it tastes like a boot in the face. Too hot for general sale. Sheer pain in a 30g shaker bottle.

Shacklands Beerbecue Sauce, Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce collab with Shackands Brewing

Sugar Shacklands BBQ


Shacklands Brewing Co is an award winning, craft brewery in Toronto with as much expertise in old school punk and metal as they have with Belgian style beers, so when I got a chance for a collab, you know I jumped at it! I used 12 cans of Shacklands Imperial Belgian Porter to rehydrate some orange habanero peppers I'd smoked over a mix of maple and apple chips then blended that with roasted sweet potatoes, maple syrup and my own Amish paste tomatoes for this barbecue sensation. It's both a barbecue sauce and a spicy marinade, and I put it in a wide mouth, 375mL jar so you can get yer basting brush right on in there.

Peach Haskap Chutney Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce collab with Muddy Crops

Peach Haskap Chutney


This special Sorry Sauce is truly something unique. Haskaps are a unique fruit, and this chutney gives them a platform to shine. Also known as honeyberries, haskaps grow on honeysuckle bushes in northern climates like ours, and have a tart taste like a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry.
This chutney balances that tartness with fresh Ontario peaches and our own McIntosh apples across curry powder, cinnamon sticks, fresh cloves, ginger and brown sugar into a complex base. Then I added Chernobyl jalapenos and an exclusive ghost / habanero hybrid pepper for a sweet and medium heat level.
If that wasn't enough complexity, I added golden and sultana raisins with pecans just before final blending for extra depth and a bit of texture for the mouthfeel.
Don't miss this one off batch! 174 jars in total!

Mol-eh! Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce collab with Muddy Crops



I hadn't considered making a mole type sauce until my friends at Taste the Flavour Emporium in St. Jacob's asked me if I could craft one for their store. So here it it, a Canadian take on a traditional Mexican mole sauce. I started with a base of cocoa, peanuts and raisins then added a spice blend with cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and more into a complex palette of flavour. A combination of fresh jalapeno and habanero peppers with my own smoked chipotle delivers a medium heat.
Mol-eh! is available exclusively through Taste the Flavour Emporium and from Sorry Sauce directly.

No Guff Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

No Guff


I've been asked to create a Louisiana style sauce enough times that I finally made one as a very limited batch.
We started with cayenne peppers on a 6 month ferment, then we blended the peppers and brine together with Elam's fresh garlic and our own smoked chipotle powder. Then it went back into the fermenters for another year.
It came out wonderfully smooth and simple. The primary and secondary fermentation process worked out perfectly, so there's no added vinegar. All it needed was 18 months of patience.
Limited to 108 bottles available at markets only.

Eh - Mild

Retired Classics

Mapalm BBQ Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Mapalm BBQ

Back soon!

Mapalm BBQ was our stable barbecue sauce for a few years, and it's crafted around my own tomatoes. fresh maple syrup and our neighbour's garlic. The main pepper is a chocolate bubblegum, but it hasn't grown well for a couple of seasons. I've made a new barbecue sauce, but Mapalm BBQ will be back at some point with a new pepper formulation.

Apple-ogies Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce



Our place in Mapleton came with a mature Mcintosh apple tree, and we had buckets of apples our first season so I made McIntosh apple hot sauce. The last couple of seasons have seen bud-killing frost in late spring, so we haven't produced enough apples.

100 + 10 % Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

100 + 10%

Back soon!

In 2019, I thought this was as hot as I would get with this habanero mash hot sauce. I've used the base of coconut water and bosc pear a few times previously, so I might just make this one again.

Tamarinjury Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce


Back soon!

Grapes, tamarind and scorpion peppers make Tamarinjury a killer roti sauce. I'm planning another batch this year, so stay tuned!

Pawpaw Pow Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce collab with Muddy Crops

Pawpaw Pow


Pawpaw is an almost forgotten treasure, but the tropical trees used to grow wild across Ontario. The pods ripen to a unique fruit combing elements of banana, custard, molasses and mango. I paired this with roasted butternut squash, ginger and spices for a base that balances elements of pumpkin pie with banana bread. Sugar rush peach peppers add sweet notes of fruit, and Madame Jeanette peppers bring a citrus sting to tie it all together. This one of a kind sauce was made in collaboration with Muddy Crops during the autumn of 2021. 

Chipotl-eh Salsa by Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce

Chipotl-eh! Salsa

Back soon!

I ended up with a few extra bushels of Amish paste tomatoes and jalapeno peppers during harvest 2022, so I thought I should make a salsa! I smoked some jalapenos over apple chips to make chipotle, then used a base of tomatoes and fresh jalapenos with local sweet corn, black beans and avocado to blend out the flavour bomb. Orange Anaheim peppers and Chernobyl jalapenos add a bit of nice texture and there's a hint of lime to pull it all together. This jar delivers so much flavour, you'll hardly believe it's a 375 mL jar.
This batch was extremely limited.

Squall Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce collab with Muddy Crops



This white Sorry Sauce is like a sudden snow storm in a bottle! Crafted around a base of Bartlett pears, ginger and fresh kohlrabi with a unique blend of 6 different white peppers, the end result is almost a ginger horseradish. Aji white fantasy and sugar rush cream peppers start the sweet and fruity heat, then white aji mango and white biquinho peppers step up the burn. White ghost and Yucatan white habanero peppers finish out the fire for a medium heat but delivered as complete capsaicin experience across the mouth, sinus, throat and chest. There's no added salt or sugar, so all you're tasting is goodness!

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