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2018 Sorry Sauce batches

2018 Sorry Sauce

We made 3 hot sauces and 1 barbecue sauce, then added a fourth variety with a batch we made for the first Heat Wave Expo in London, ON.

2019 Sorry Sauce batches

2019 Sorry Sauce

5 batches of hot sauce, ranging from mild to extreme. And of course, our Mapalm BBQ. 

2020 Sorry Sauce batches

2020 Sorry Sauce

8 batches of Sorry Sauce! 2 mild, 3 medium, 2 hot and and extreme.

4 brand new recipes for 2020!

2017 Sorry Sauce batches

2017 Sorry Sauce

We grew 50 types of peppers in the Garden of Apologies, so we made 8 hot sauces and 2 barbecue sauces.

2016 Sorry Sauce batches

2016 Sorry Sauce

We planted 40 types of peppers, and we broke the 100 plant threshold. We've never looked back!
We made 9 hot sauces and 2 barbecue sauces.

2015 Sorry Sauce batches

2015 Sorry Sauce

5 varieties of peppers!
7 batches of hot sauce!

It seems small now, but it was a big deal then.

2014 Sorry Sauce batches

2014 Sorry Sauce

Where it all began. One ghost pepper plant, and an experiment with hot sauce.


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