2020 Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce Batches
2020 Sorry Sauce batches
2020 Sorry Sauce Cherrynobyl

2020 Cherrynobyl

Winner of the Eternal Flame award for best hot sauce, Extreme category at Heat Wave Expo on February 29, 2020!

Cherrynobyl is back for 2020! We used the same base of Niagara black cherries, black cocoa, vanilla bean and apple cider vinegar, but this year we used chocolate and red Carolina Reaper peppers for a whole new dimension of heat. Cherrynobyl is as delicious as it is brutal, so you'll find yourself going back for more despite the immediate punch and lingering afterburn.

Careful, bud. This one's four ehs. Cherrynobyl is great on the barbecue, and will really take your burger to the next level. For a real treat, try it on cheesecake or vanilla ice cream!

Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh

Limited batch of 252.

2020 Sorry Sauce Cobra Chicken

2020 Cobra Chicken

Last season's batch of Cobra Chicken was the first Sorry Sauce to sell out, so we've been excited about this batch.

We use a base of St. Jacob's carrots and garlic from the farm down the road blended with apple cider and malt vinegars, then add our own red onions and cherry tomatoes for a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.
Fresh bhut jolokia peppers bring a respectable heat, and fermented habanero peppers add depth and complexity to the flavour.

I'm givn' you three ehs on the heat scale, and this sauce is really versatile so it pairs with most things. Try it in mashed potatoes. Use liberally on the protein of your choice. Jazz up an omelette. Dunk your pizza crust. You'll figure it out!

Eh, Eh, Eh

Limited batch of 259.

2020 Sorry Sauce Go Mango!

2020 Go Mango!

Our original Sorry Sauce, Go Mango! is the the same OG sauce you know and love. It's orange. It's mango. It's ginger. And it's a 3 pepper blend of yellow bhut jolokia, Bahamian Goat and aji mango for a balance of medium heat and bright citrusy flavour.

This year's batch has extra orange and extra mango so you know it's extra good!

It's a double eh for heat and pairs with almost anything.

Eh, Eh

Limited batch of 232.

2020 Sorry Sauce Fresh Cents

2020 Fresh Cents

Winner of the 2020 Canadian Hot Sauce Award for best Jalapeno Sauce!

Fresh Cents was our first mild sauce, and it went over unexpectedly well so we brought it back with a bang for 2020!

We use a base of coconut water, red grapes, limes and Canadian mint with apple cider vinegar paired with fresh jalapeno peppers for a mild but refreshing sauce that you'll end up putting on everything.

We're only one eh on this one, but it's our eh game for sure, bud.


Limited batch of 182.

2020 Sorry Sauce Donnybrook

2020 Donnybrook

New for 2020!

Donnybrook is a new Sorry Sauce for 2020, and it's a simple one.
Scorpion peppers. Lots of them. Apocalypse scorpion. Moruga scorpion. Trinidad scorpion. Reds, Chocolates! Kraken! Scorpions everywhere!
We used peaches, Marconi peppers and roasted pineapple also, but mostly scorpion peppers for a sauce that tastes like a hockey fight in your mouth.
We're proud to say this sauce is three ehs on the scale, and we kept the flavour balanced so you can sneak a few drops into any meal without having it take over. Just don't let 'em get the sweater over your head.

Eh, Eh, Eh

Limited batch of 187.

2020 Sorry Sauce Miso Nutty

2020 Miso Nutty

New for 2020!

Miso Nutty is a brand new Sorry Sauce for 2020.
Who doesn't love miso? Peanuts are great also, and you can't go wrong with garlic. Especially if it's farmed by a friend down the road.
So, we made a garlic miso peanut hot sauce!  With lots of local ginger and fermented Scotch Bonnet peppers also for a complex flavour, and a medium heat.
We're calling this two ehs on the heat scale, and Miso Nutty makes any stir fry perfect. Use it to upgrade your ramen, or dunk your spring rolls. For a special treat, mix it with mayo and dip your potato wedges or jalapeno poppers.

Eh, Eh

Limited batch of 150.

2020 Sorry Sauce Pitter Patter

2020 Pitter Patter

New for 2020!

Ground Cherries are an underappreciated fruit, so we thought it would be fun to craft a new sauce around them.

We grew our own batch of them, then paired them with fresh lemon and chamomile for a tart and snappy base.
7 Pot Caramel peppers bring a honey-tinged heat, and yellow scorpion peppers lurk under the lemon zing to sting you at the back of the throat a few seconds in.

This zesty tanger has a deceptive heat, so we're gonna throw two ehs at 'er.

Eh, Eh

Limited batch of 122.

2020 Sorry Sauce Beauty

2020 Beauty

New for 2020!

Beauty is a new Sorry Sauce for 2020. We loved working with our neighbour's garlic for Cobra Chicken, so we crafted a recipe around it. It's a simple sauce blended with caramelized jalapeno peppers, roasted garlic, extra dark maple syrup and apple cider vinegar.

Sweet, roasty, garlic awesomeness!

We kept Beauty garlic forward, so it's one eh on the scale. Use it on wing night, or upgrade your teriyaki! For a game changing dip, try mixing it with mayo!


Limited batch of 146.


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